Aug 28

CIL Décor Experts on the Road


We at CIL know how difficult it can be to pick a paint colour that’s perfect for your home. Have you ever wished you could get some free, professional advice about paint, colour and décor?

CIL makes is beautifully simple to solve your decorating dilemmas with our Décor Experts on the Road program. 

Free, One-on-One Décor Consultation!home_depot_logo2

Every Thursday evening between August 28th and October 16th (varies by region) from 6pm to 8pm, one of our on-the-road experts will be in-store at selected Home Depot stores across Canada to give you free, one-on-one advice about choosing paint colours and decorating your home. Learn more about our on-the-road experts and check out the schedule below to find out when one will be at a store near you.



What should you bring?

Our experts will help you identify your style and favourite colours, but do come armed with any inspiration you might have for your décor  - magazine clippings, a favourite photo, a piece of art, a colourful throw cushion – anything that speaks to you and your style.

Can’t get to a store for a complimentary consultation?

Just email our resident colour, décor and product experts at anytime for a complimentary answer to your decorating and painting questions. And be sure to follow all of the decorating action with #CILontheRoad!


Meet our CIL on the road Décor Experts



AB | Calgary

Heather Eigler

Heather’s blog, Home to Heather has been voted as the Best Parenting Blog and as one of the Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs. 


Meet Heather at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Calgary Marlborough

Sept 4 – Calgary Chinook

Sept 11 – Calgary Country Hills

Sept 18 – Calgary North Hills



AB | Edmonton

Angie Pitre

Angie has been featured in Style at Home magazine online and has been named as Blogger of the Month 2014 in Canadian Living magazine.


Meet Angie at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Edmonton Clairview

Sept 4 – Edmonton West End

Sept 11 – Edmonton South Common



BC | Vancouver

Monika Hibbs

Monika is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who has been featured in Style at Home and on HGTV.


Meet Monika at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28  – Langley

Sept 4 – Terminal

Sept 18 – North Surrey

Sept 25 – Burnaby



MB | Winnipeg

Jennifer Ashley

Jennifer’s blog, Pretty Little Details, showcases her contemporary home décor skills and expertise in colour selection.


Meet Jennifer at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Winnipeg North

Sept 4 – Winnipeg St. Vital

Sept 11 – Winnipeg Crossroads

Sept 18 – Winnipeg Polo Park



ON |  Toronto North

Lisa Canning

Lisa is known for her innovative design solutions and has worked on a number of popular shows such as Property Brothers and For Rent.


Meet Lisa at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Toronto Yorkdale

Sept 4 – Toronto Dufferin & Steeles

Sept 11 – Richmond Hill

Sept 18 – Newmarket

Sept 25 – Rexdale

Oct 2 – Woodbridge

Oct 9 – Toronto Caledonia



ON | Toronto South

Emma Reddington

Emma is the home editor at Chatelaine magazine and runs the popular blog The Marion House Book.


Meet Emma at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Toronto Stockyards

Sept 4 – Toronto Gerrard Square

Sept 11 – Toronto Leaside

Sept 18 – Toronto Curity

Sept 25 – Scarborough Ellesmere

Oct 2 – Scarborough Eglinton East

Oct 9 – Etobicoke South


Jo_AlcornON | Halton Peel

Jo Alcorn

Jo is the style editor for Canadian Home Trends magazine and an HGTV personality who specializes in design trends.


Meet Jo at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Brampton North

Sept 4 – Brampton East

Sept 11 – Brampton

Sept 18 – Mississauga Britannia

Sept 25 – Mississauga South

Oct 2 – Oakville

Oct 9 – Mississauga West


Jenn BrouwerON | Toronto East Durham

Jennifer Brouwer

Jennifer is an interior designer with a passion for décor and over 13 years experience in the industry.


Meet Jennifer at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Ajax

Sept 4 – Scarborough Morningside

Sept 11 – Pickering

Sept 18 – Peterborough

Sept 25 – Oshawa

Oct 2 – Bowmanville

Oct 9 – Whitby South

Oct 16 – Whitby North



ON | South

Courtenay Hartford

Courtenay’s popular blog, The Creek line House, showcases her skill with home renovation and rustic décor.


Meet Courtenay at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Waterloo

Sept 4 – Cambridge

Sept 11 – Guelph

Sept 18 – St. Catharines

Sept 25 – Ancaster

Oct 2 – Hamilton Mountain

Oct 9 – Hamilton

Oct 16 – Burlington



ON | East

Mary Taggart

Mary is known for her inspired home décor and design expertise as the editor-in-chief of Ottawa at Home magazine.


Meet Mary at these Home Depot stores:

Aug 28 – Nepean

Sept 4 – Barrhaven

Sept 11 – Kanata

Sept 18 – Kingston

Sept 25 – Gloucester

Oct 2 – South Keys

Oct 9 – Orleans

Oct 16 – Cornwall




Jul 28

Ask An Expert: Coordinating with Beige Vinyl Windows

Q – I have a stucco house with beige vinyl windows. I am totally lost on what colours I can go with, as they all seem to clash with the windows. I have included a few photos that may help. What colours would you suggest?

beige windows - CIL Paints

A – Thanks for including photos with your question as this definitely helps in recommending suitable colours for your home’s exterior. To choose a palette that works with the colour of the windows, try to find as close a match of this colour to one of the colours in our CIL master palette and then use that colour’s family as a base to build on.

From the photos you sent, it looks like the window colour is similar to Autumnal Equinox 10YY 73/042 in the MC42 colour family. If so, choose Fretwork 90YR 57/070 for the stucco. Paint the decorative trim around the windows, the garage door and trim and the trim around the base of your home, and the decorative elements on the chimney in Council Bluff 90YR 43/101. Paint the facia board that runs underneath the eaves troughs in a darker colour in this colour family to coordinate with the roof colour – Otter Brook 80YR 11/151. Paint the front door a standout colour to draw visitors in, such as DL06 Orient Express 96RR 08/311or MC49 Covered Bridge 30GG 130/46.

As it’s difficult to suggest an exact match from the colour read of a photo on a computer, pick up the colour cards at your local CIL retailer, and see if the MC42 colour family works with the colour of the windows. If not, perhaps it reads a little closer to Natural White 50YY 83/028 in the MC46 colour family, and if so, select the other shades for the elements of your home from this family accordingly. Or select a number of colour cards to determine which is the best match.

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert


Jul 24

Ask An Expert: Toning Down Pink Brick on a Pair of Semi-detached Houses

Q – I would like to paint the outside of my house but I’m not sure what colours would look best. I really want to make the right decision. I want my house to look great. It’s a semi-detached home but I will be painting my neighbour’s side as well to match. I need your expert opinion!

Currently, everything is pink and in my opinion there is a little to much pink. I would like to paint the garage door, all the trim as well as the little amount of wood siding on the second floor. The rest is brick. 

I uploaded the picture in your online system which it a great system and tried to choose some colours but I am just not good at matching colours. Its not one of my strong points. 

I would really appreciate your help in giving me advice of colours that would look great. In return, I will buy all CIL paint for the project!

Pink Brick House - CIL Paints

A – It is fantastic that your neighbour and you are coordinated in painting your semi-detached homes together, as an integrated colour scheme that works with the integrated design of your attached homes will make both sides look their best. The tricky part, as you note, is the peachy pink tone of the bricks. It is quite intense but it can be worked with in creating a welcoming scheme.

As green is the complementary colour to red (pink) I suggest going with a neutral palette with green undertones rather than pink. For the garage doors and the surrounding trim you’ll want to choose a similar intensity as the brick to help these recede somewhat and draw the focus more to the other interesting elements of the facade and the front doors. While it is always a challenge to get an exact read of a brick colour via an image on a computer, a grey green taupe such as MC47 Toasty Grey 30YY 51/098 looks like it would be a good choice.

Paint the horizontal facial boards that run beneath your eaves troughs and the soffits in the same colour as the troughs, the colour and intensity of which looks similar to MC47 Plateau Grey 40YY 20/081. This will add a stronger horizontal element visually to the facades.

Paint the front doors and the shutters in MC47 Dark Cavern 40YY 08/107 or move closer to the green end of the spectrum with SE48 English Pinewood 90YY 19/075 or SE21 Plantation Green 90YY 13/177.

Paint the remaining trim and details, and the siding in MC47 Pillar 40YY 67/087.

To further play down the wall of garage doors and to draw visitors towards the front doors, add dual large planters similar to that of your neighbours, on either side of the porch entry.

Pick up the colour cards at your local CIL retailer, and see which of these selections works best for your home.

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert


Jul 04

Colour Outside the Headlines: Canadian Success on the Grass Court

Canadian tennis fans have had a lot to cheer for over the past two weeks! A Canadian woman is making history at one of the greatest tennis tournaments in the world. This will be the first time a Canadian woman has advanced to the Wimbledon final. On the men’s side, a Canadian tennis favourite played in the semifinal match today. Although he lost the tough match against one of tennis’s greatest, his success helped make this year’s Wimbledon one to remember for Canada.

Have you noticed how all the players are wearing white? It’s not a coincidence! At this tournament, dress codes state that all players must be dressed in attire that’s almost entirely white, shoes and undergarments included. The only colour acceptable for a player’s attire is a single trim of colour around the neckline and cuff of the sleeve.

Despite the rules, many players have tried pushing the boundaries by getting colour into their outfits! Last year, one of the world’s best male tennis players was caught with bright orange soles on his shoes. The 2012 women’s champion accented her white dress with a headband, wristbands, and undershorts in magenta. Even tennis stars can’t resist adding some colour!

We may not know everything about enforcing a dress code, but we do know colour!


Colour Outside The Headlines explores the world of colour, inspired by today’s news and hot topics. Visit your nearest Home Depot to discover how your world can change through colour with CIL Paints.


Jul 03

Colour Outside the Headlines: 11-Year-Old Boy Makes Lemonade for Charity!

There is an 11-year-old boy from Provo, Utah, like you’ve never met before. At six years old he opened up his own lemonade stand, which isn’t uncommon for a boy his age. The difference is that his stand’s profit wasn’t for games or toys, it was all for charity.

Sparked by a school fundraiser, it was the boy’s mission to raise money to purchase wheelchairs for those in need. Fast-forward to today, he has raised enough money to buy 332 wheelchairs for people in developing countries.

The yellow fruit helped the Provo boy donate 332 wheelchairs, which is fitting for what the colour yellow represents. We know that colour impacts our emotions and behaviours, and yellow is one that represents hope. Yellow is also associated with laughter and sunshine, and it’s said to be the most energetic of colours. Studies have even shown that yellow is the colour that makes people happiest!

The yellow lemon has most definitely brought hope and happiness to those receiving wheelchairs from an energetic young boy.

We may not know everything about how to run a lemonade stand, but we do know colour!


Colour Outside The Headlines explores the world of colour, inspired by today’s news and hot topics. Visit your nearest Home Depot to discover how your world can change through colour with CIL Paints


Jul 02

Colour Outside the Headlines: World’s Largest Flower Shows Its Colours!

Hundreds gathered at the botanical garden in Nantes, France, to witness a rare event. The largest flower in the world, the titan arum, was in bloom! It only appears once every 10 years and lasts for just 72 hours. The titan arum seen in Nantes measures just over five feet, but this type of flower usually stands between six and eight feet tall.

While the flower is loved for its height and beauty, its smell is not that of a typical flower. The titan arum emits an odour that is similar to rotting meat – not something you would expect from a flower with such beautiful colours inside its leaves. However, both the colour and the smell serve an important purpose!

Before the titan arum blooms, the flower is mostly green with shades of yellow. When in bloom, the leaves open to reveal a beautiful dark brown-purple colour inside. This is when both colour and odour work together to attract small nocturnal bugs, as well as bees. This is how the flowers are pollinated!

The titan arum isn’t a flower we would want in our home, but its colours are definitely a great inspiration for choosing a colour for our walls!

We may not know everything about flowers, but we do know colour!


Colour Outside The Headlines explores the world of colour, inspired by today’s news and hot topics. Visit your nearest Home Depot to discover how your world can change through colour with CIL Paints


Jul 01

Colour Outside the Headlines: The Birth of Red and White

Today we celebrate Canada’s 147th birthday! We’ll be seeing a lot of red and white today, but do you know the history behind the colours of our flag? Although Canada officially became a federation on July 1, 1867, Canada didn’t raise the red and white maple leaf flag over Parliament Hill until 1965.

Red and white were originally approved as the country’s official colours back in 1921 by King George V. The search for a new Canadian flag began in 1925, but it wasn’t until 1964 that three different designs were chosen as candidates – a Red Ensign with the fleur-de-lis and the Union Jack, a design incorporating three red maple leaves, and a red and white flag with a single maple leaf. During the voting process, then Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson preferred a design with three red maple leaves between two blue borders.

The familiar single-leaf design was eventually chosen and took effect on February 15, 1965. On that day, thousands of Canadians were in attendance for the first raising of red and white at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Of course, the crowd sang O Canada!

We may not know everything about flags, but we do know colour!


Colour Outside The Headlines explores the world of colour, inspired by today’s news and hot topics. Visit your nearest Home Depot to discover how your world can change through colour with CIL Paints


Jun 30

Colour Outside the Headlines: Soccer’s Colourful Cards

Soccer’s most important international competition is getting more exciting as the final games approach, and fans are watching every move almost as closely as the referees do. As the players battle it out, fans brace themselves whenever the ref reaches into his pocket to pull out the dreaded yellow or red card.

The cards only date back to 1966, when an English referee observed the confusion caused by a language barrier between a German referee and an Argentine player. He proposed using the cards to make communication clearer.

The meaning of each card is in keeping with what these colours typically signal. The yellow penalty card means that a player is being cautioned for misconduct. A red card is held up when a player is being ejected from a game due to a serious infraction, or after receiving a second yellow card.

But how did red and yellow become universal indicators of stopping and caution?

Red – also the colour of blood – has been used as the indicator of “danger” for centuries. In the 1830s, railroads in England developed a system of signal lights to use three colours: red (stop), green (go), and white (caution). The white lights were easily missed and confusing for the engineers, so white was switched to yellow, simply because it was a stark contrast to red and green. These colours became the standard for signal lights universally, and are now synonymous with their respective meanings.

In the context of home décor, reds and yellows can provide a head-turning pop of colour, or simply add warmth to a space in their more muted tones.

We may not always know what the soccer referee is thinking, but we do know colour!


Colour Outside The Headlines explores the world of colour, inspired by today’s news and hot topics. Visit your nearest Home Depot to discover how your world can change through colour with CIL Paints.


Jun 27

Colour Outside the Headlines: Nice Day for a Mass Pride Wedding

Wedding colours were in full bloom Thursday! As part of WorldPride 2014 celebrations in Toronto, Casa Loma hosted a grand wedding event. With thousands of guests in attendance, more than 110 couples were united for the mass wedding.

It was a colourful event on Thursday, but the white wedding gown was definitely still a popular choice. However, white wedding dresses are a relatively recent phenomenon. Although white gowns were worn as early as 1406, it wasn’t a popular option until Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840.

Prior to the Victorian era, a bride was married in any colour. Black was especially popular in Scandinavia, early Celtic cultures preferred red, and blue was common amongst early Christians. Right up until the late 19th century, women often married in their “Sunday best.” Grey was a modest and useful choice, and brown was also worn. At that time, white was considered just too impractical!

Although white is a popular choice now, we’re seeing a lot more colour infused into wedding garments. Both men and women are choosing colours based on tradition, but also adding a little modern flair!

We may not know everything about weddings, but we do know colour.


Colour Outside The Headlines explores the world of colour, inspired by today’s news and hot topics. Visit your nearest Home Depot to discover how your world can change through colour with CIL Paints.


Jun 26

Colour Outside the Headlines: How Do Colourful Faces Help Monkeys?

Guenon monkeys have some of the most quirky and colourful faces of all the primates. They have bushy beards and can have funky blue, yellow or brown faces, but those features are playing a larger role than researchers had originally thought. A recent study of more than 20 guenon monkey species shows they may be relying on their distinctive patterns to prevent interbreeding. Interbreeding can be problematic for guenon monkeys because their offspring might be infertile or less healthy, similar to when donkeys and horses breed.

For decades, many researchers thought that the guenons’ unique fur and facial colouration were a way of simply sending an “I’m different” message to other primates. However, new studies are showing colour’s different roles.

Colourful faces amongst monkeys aren’t just important to the guenon species; they’re also important for many other types. Primates are very social and live in large groups. For example, the colourful-faced mandrill lives in groups of up to 800. The colour on monkey faces also serves the purpose of just helping them identify one another in large groups. It’s very similar to how some families wear the same coloured shirt when going to amusement parks. Family is much easier to find when you’re seeking out a colour!

We may not know everything about primates, but we do know colour!


Colour Outside The Headlines explores the world of colour, inspired by today’s news and hot topics. Visit your nearest Home Depot to discover how your world can change through colour with CIL Paints.


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