Mar 24

Covet Garden Home / CIL Paints ‘Share Your Story’ Contest

Exciting news – Covet Garden, a fabulous Canadian online magazine (and now in print too!) that shares real, inspirational (not aspirational) spaces wants to share your story of your space!

To celebrate their newly launched special print edition, Covet Garden is partnering with CIL Paints for a contest that can help you experiment and explore your decor even more.

Share your story for a chance to win 3 gallons of CIL paint!

Covet Garden’s special print edition was born from their love of sharing interiors that tell a story, inspiring readers to share their own narrative with creative decorating. So to celebrate, they want to share the story of your home. If you’ve got a favourite room makeover or upcycling project that uses paint, take a photo and send it to Covet Garden will post your images on their Facebook page and the picture with the most likes will win three gallons of the paint of your choice from CIL. That’s a lot of paint to help you realize even more decor dreams!

Open to Canadian residents only. Contest closes at midnight on April 21, 2014.



Mar 12

Ask An Expert: In Need of a Nice Neutral

Q – I recently bought my first house and I need to paint my open concept living room/kitchen as the current mustard yellow is not working for me. I am looking for something that will warm up the space (something brown, tan, or taupe was what I am leaning towards). There are a few large windows that let in a lot of natural light to the space, and the flooring is a light coloured oak laminate. I currently have accents of deep red and burnt orange in the living room and red and black in the kitchen. 

John Kraemer & Sons

A – To update and warm up the space with a more contemporary colour, try Parchment 40YY 70/138, a slightly yellow neutral. Or you may like Manuscript 40YY 60/103, a slightly greyer neutral with a hint of green that would complement the red and burnt orange accessories in your rooms nicely.

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert



Mar 03

Palette Inspirations: The Oscars’ Red Carpet

The red carpet fashion from last night’s 2014 Academy Awards ceremony provided some beautiful colour palette inspiration as always – including deep, sophisticated black, shades of blue from navy to powder, soft neutrals, and of course lots of gold! Which Oscar dress and colour was your favourite?

Oscars Palette - CIL


Feb 26

Ask An Expert: Red Front Door

Q – This spring I am updating the exterior of my home and the first thing on my list is to paint the front door.  I would like to paint it a colour that will grab attention as opposed to blending in. I have a recycled brick exterior with deep greys, black, faded yellows, and the odd faded brick red (and I love this colour). There will be black iron railings up the front steps to the door.  I was originally thinking of having a red brick colour for my door but didn’t realize how many versions of the colour are out there.  Can you please suggest a red or another colour for my front door?

The Mash Canada

A – Choosing red for your front door is a great idea – you love the colour and with the shade in your bricks it will tie the scheme for the outside of your home together well, while creating a focal point for your home’s facade. When choosing exterior colours, it is always better to go a little more intense, deeper, and brighter than one might expect. From your description, here are a few suggestions of varying intensities and levels of orange or purple as undertones, chosen to as best coordinate with the faded red colour in your brick. Pick up the actual paint sample chips from one of our retail partners and tack them up beside your brick, viewing all at all times of day to see which is the one you prefer for your home.

Cranberry Zing 14YR 10/434

Orient Express 96RR / 08311

Deep Garnet 80RR 07/260

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert



Feb 21

Ask An Expert: Unifying Spaces with Colour

Q – I am looking for a single paint colour to unify my living room, dining room, kitchen and staircase walls. They are currently painted in many different colours, thanks to the good taste of the previous owners. My furniture is all chocolate leather and/or wood, the floors and stairs are light cherry wood, and my appliances and stair railing are stainless steel. One last detail: I hate pinky, beige tones. Thank you in advance for helping me find the ideal colour.

Carlyn & Company

A – A neutral colour on the cooler end of the spectrum that would work nicely to unify your spaces, along with complementing the red undertones of your cherry wood floor, is Moss Mist 10GY 64/065. As the name suggests, it is a soft shade that is balanced between green and grey, that will work well with the dark browns of your furniture and the stainless steel elements throughout.

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert

(Photo: Carlyn & Company)


Feb 17

Ask An Expert: Easing the Stress of Picking a Paint Colour

Q - I would like to repaint my dining, living, and entrance in my condo. I am so stressed in trying to decide, because I am sensitive to certain colours and once selected, I will have to live with whatever colour choices I make. I like pastel (or neutral) colours, mostly off-white with golden tones. What are the best colours?

BiglarKinyan Design

A – While choosing the right paint colour for your home can often feel daunting, we’re here to help. To ease the stress in making this decision, remember that paint is one the lowest commitment elements in decorating – if you tire of a colour it is easy and inexpensive to change.

Warm off-white neutrals is an inviting choice for your entry, dining, and living rooms. You can paint all three spaces the same colour if you like, and I suggest Currier Creme 40YY 83/107 for a soft, warm, continuous look from room to room. Or if you would like to add a touch contrast, try Currier Creme in the living and dining room and Light Navajo 40YY 76/112 in the entry. For even more impact, add Ivory Coast 40YY 64/165 as a feature shade on one of the walls in your living room. All three of these shades are from the same SE19 Soft & Elegant colour family, so used together they automatically create a welcoming palette that is easy to live with. Before you make your final choice, visit one of our partner retailers and pick up the actual paint sample chips to take home with you where you can see how they look in your space at every time of day, in all variations of lighting and how they co-ordinate with the furniture and finishes in your spaces.

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert

(Photo: BiglarKinyan Design)


Feb 06

Colour Takes the Gold When It Comes to Home Decor

Want some gold-medal decorating ideas? Take a cue from the international winter games and bring colours from around the globe into your home. From antique golds, vibrant reds and spicy oranges to jewelled blues, emerald greens and rose-infused violets, this year’s hottest international hues create an ambiance that is out of this world.

Far East, Mediterranean and South America are among the most popular in home décor this year. While many people opt for neutral tones as the safest bet, those who go with lively shades of paint often never look back.

An event like the international winter games is a wonderful opportunity to see what colours are trending worldwide and get inspiration for home décor ideas. Transforming a living space can be an economical undertaking. All you need is a can of paint, a paint brush, and a few accessories to infuse exciting international flavour into any room.

For a Far East feeling, try incorporating a mixed palette of deep reds, warm browns, rustic oranges and golden yellows, both on the walls and through furnishings. A red accent wall in the dining room, for example, can bring exotic elegance and romance to a meal. Zesty orange combined with golden yellow warm up a family room or bedroom, with accessories like bamboo plants, woven mats and black lacquered furniture adding a Zen-like feel to the space. Top Far Eastern colour picks from CIL Paints include Cranberry Zing (14YR 10/434) red and Sun Rays yellow (29YY 66/537).

Cranberry Zing - CIL Paints

If Mediterranean-inspired décor is more your style, bring elegant Parisian panache into your home through pastel blues and creams, such as Sunday Sonata (70GB 67/126) blue on the walls and Crisp Linen (61YY 89/040) cream for the trim. The excitement of Spain can be visually reproduced through rich, warm colours like deep oranges and vibrant reds topped with colourful wall textiles and mosaic tiles. Or mix earthy red clay tones with deep, ocean blues to bring a taste of Italy into your décor. Paint your walls dark blue, such as Cosmos (10BB 12/310), and ceiling a lighter blue, like Billowing Clouds (10BB 65/094), and accenting the area with cream furniture, terra cotta urns and wrought-iron, glass-top tables.

Sunday Sonata - CIL Paints

The vibrancy of Brazil can be replicated in the home by bringing in this year’s popular jewel and energetic tones. A small powder room, for example, can be livened up using vibrant shades of pink, like Exotic Pink (02RR 35/376), while painting a kitchen accent wall bright yellow or orange, like Exotic Bird (60YR 26505), and adorning walls with bold-coloured, patterned artwork – can infuse the space with an upbeat, South American feel. For a more luxurious look, try jewelled shades of blue or green, such as Minty (10GG 44/395) green, accessorized with ceramic pieces, beaded lamps, Brazilian masks, and ornate area rugs.

Exotic Bird - CIL Paints

There’s no hard and fast rule in any décor style. You can take your favourite elements from any place in the world and infuse them into your home, or even mix together a couple of different globally-inspired ideas. Patriotic fans may even consider creating a Northern getaway in their homes by adding a rustic Canadian feel through deep shades of red, rustic browns, and warm cream tones.

With the right choice of colour, paint can help make your décor transformation a gold-medal contender, no matter where in the world your heart lies.


Feb 04

Ask An Expert: The Lighter Side

Q - We would like to change the decor and the paint colour of our living room and kitchen, which are adjacent to one another. Currently, the living room is painted in green, Othello 42GY 09/205, and the kitchen in burgundy, Rapture 07YR 10/489. Our living room has a light brown, dark brown, and yellow brick fireplace, and golden maple wood floors. The kitchen cabinets are golden oak and the floor is made of green marbled tiles. In both rooms, the mouldings and ceiling are painted a pinkish-beige. We would love to change these darker colours for more natural, classic tones. Would you have any suggestions for us?

David Neiman Architects

A - For a lighter, natural direction for your decor, start with English Meadows 10GYY 58/105 for the walls of your kitchen and Allencon 20YY 60/104 for your living room walls, using Winterwash 50YY 83/003 on your trim, doors, and ceilings. To update the look further, I suggest painting your kitchen cabinets Antique White 43YY 78/053 – a warm complement to the soft green of the walls. If not ready to commit to painting all of your cabinets, another option is to paint the lower cupboards or the island Stockbridge Brown 10YY 06/100, drawing on the dark browns in the brick of your fireplace. If you choose to paint your cabinets, be sure to use our products specially formulated for priming and finishing this type of surface. To complete the look, add accessories and other elements of your decor such as throw cushions, rugs, and art that include a medium mustard yellow colour such as Sunshower 40YY 60/519, again tying in with the tones in your fireplace, connecting the decor of both spaces together.

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert

(Photo: David Neiman Architects)


Jan 29

Ask An Expert: Making a Narrow Space Feel Larger

Q – My living room is a long and narrow space (18′ x 9′ at its widest point), and I am looking for shades that would help make it feel more spacious. The space is currently painted in beige hues, but we would like to use livelier colours. Could you suggest paint colours and general decorating tips to make the space look and feel larger?

Kelly Nelson Designs

A - Your living room is indeed long and narrow, being twice as long as it is wide. To help visually expand this space keep furnishings and accessories to a minimum, and keep the contrast between the different elements low as well. Using a lighter, neutral shade on the wall will help the light reflect in the space, again visually enlarging the room. But neutral doesn’t have to be beige. Sunday Sonata / Sonate dominicale (70BG 72/086) is a pale blue that looks nice with other, warmer neutral tones. To add the livelier punch you are looking for, bring in accessories such as throw cushions, art, rugs etc. in bright pinks or oranges, or another favourite colour.

Susan | CIL Design & Colour Expert

(Photo: Kelly Nelson Designs)


Jan 20

2014′s Top Paint Colours: House & Home’s Picks

In this episode of H&H Online TV Lynda Reeves dishes on the top paint colours for 2014 as chosen by the editors of House & Home – an exclusive list that includes CIL Paints’ King’s Ransom 30YY 46/608.

2014 Paint Colours - H&H Online TV

Watch Now: H&H Online TV: 2014 Top Paint Colours

An intense colour, King’s Ransom is in line with the trend towards yellows, mustards and golds and works well as an accent wall in a low light space, such as in this delightful kitchen by designer Montana Burnett.

Montana BurnettMontana Burnett Kitchen


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